Friday, November 11, 2011

Turkey Rolls

Man, I have had this recipe for so long that I can't remember who I got it from. Probably from my mom??

I like to use pie crust to make my turkey rolls, but I know you can use those canned Pillsbury crescent rolls as well. You won't want to bake them as long as I bake mine in pie crust - if you choose Pillsbury rolls, you'll only want to cook them on 375 degrees for 15 - 20 minutes.

And you can roll yours up any way you like. I was inspired by my recent trip to China, where our friends taught us how to make dumplings. Now, I really, really think Chinese dumplings are disgusting, but I liked the concept of how they assembled them. And I liked how small and almost bite-sized they were. So when I made them this time, I did them Chinese dumpling-style.

A teeny picture tutorial -

You roll out your pie crust:

Then use a cup or a round cookie-cutter to make a bunch of circles:

Then you put in some of your filling - maybe 1 Tbsp or so - it's a small amount:

Then fold it up in half and pinch to seal:

Then flute the seam to make it look pretty:

In the past, I've just used a knife, made bigger squares with my crust, then folded up a larger amount of filling inside, kind of like an envelope. This way is prettier, but it is more time-consuming.

Kay. On to the recipe.

Turkey Rolls

2 T. melted butter
1/4 tsp. pepper
1/3 c. chopped mushrooms
1 stick diced celery
3 oz cream cheese
1 cup cubed, cooked turkey
1/4 of an onion, minced
half a can of chopped olives

Soften cream cheese. Combine with all of above ingredients.

1 1/3 cup herb-seasoned bread stuffing
1 cup walnuts

Put above in blender and crumble. Then put into a bowl.

Use a pastry recipe and make enough for four pie crusts. Roll out as directed above, put desired amount of filling in each roll, and seal.

Melt 6 Tbsp butter. Dip each roll in butter and roll into the crumb mixture. Put on cookie sheet. Bake for 40 minutes on 375 degrees.

Make a gravy to put on top:

1/2 cup chicken broth
1/2 can cream of chicken soup

Thicken it and pour on rolls.

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