Monday, October 31, 2011

French Toast

Am I capable of taking such a pretty picture? Nope. And when we made it Saturday, I forgot to take one of my own. So for now, you get this gorgeous picture from The Chic Brulee.

And really, a monkey could probably make french toast, but I'm sticking it in here so that, when I'm thinking, "What should I have for breakfast this weekend?" and look at my recipe index, I won't forget that french toast should be in heavy rotation. Just because it's easy to make doesn't mean it should be ignored, vrai?

French Toast

Decide beforehand how many slices you want to cook. Then break about one egg per slice you'll be making into a cake pan. If you'll be cooking up 12 slices, you'll need a dozen eggs. Once you've broken as many eggs as you need into the cake pan, pour some milk in. I eyeball it and make the ratio about half egg, half milk. Use a fork and beat those eggs really hard until the yolks and milk and whites are mixed well.

Prepare a skillet -I like to heat it to medium on the stove, or to 350 degrees on my electric skillet. Put oil in it and spread it evenly so you don't get any stickage.

Dip one piece of bread in the eggy/milky mixture, first on one side, and then on another. Then slap it on the skillet and cook on each side until golden brown.

Top with whatever does it for you - I like butter and karo syrup.

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